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I am putting these thoughts out because I believe with common sense we can solve  the current housing crisis in our cities.

The fact is many people do not need to live in city environments. Those past retirement and those working online are just two such groups who could easily take up residence in the country and leave more space for those who need to live and work in such a congested environment.

Some city folks think that living in the country would be quiet and boring. Let me tell you it is anything but.

Country people are really engaged with each other through involvement in a range of interest groups.

The local school is often the hub where parents are actively contributing to their children’s learning by being part of the school community.

The local football and netball clubs are more than just sports team. Everyone gets behind them to support and encourage and be involved in associated social activities.

Then there are service clubs, walking groups, craft groups, and a long list of other interest groups. The local hospital,  the red cross, the community centers and the theatre groups. Are you getting tired yet?

I can continue and list even more. If you move to the country and  are willing to get involved in the local community, I can guarantee you will have a much wider network of friends than your city counterparts. You can be as busy and as engaged as you choose.  If you decide you want to lie low, you can do that too.

Is There a Housing Bubble about to Burst?

I watched the 4 Corners program on the ABC tonight. It was warning us of a housing bubble which is about to burst. When it does those city house prices will tumble and your property will be worth much less than it is now. I would think it would be prudent to sell that city place now if you do not need to live there and consider a change.

During the 4 Corners program they showed some footage of different housing estates. I could not imagine living in one of those glorified boxes all jammed up together on tiny blocks of land with the roof tops almost touching each other as there is so little space between them especially when you could have a beautiful block in the country


The block to the right is 14 acres with beautiful views over the the ocean, native animals graze the land  and it has some bushed areas where these same animals live. You would pay no more for the land on the right than the tiny block in the ghetto to the left.

To be honest we are happy to  keep the countryside as it is. We love the beauty and  quiet and the sense of belonging in a unique community. We are therefore happy for the cities to continue to grow like a cancer, but we also know that eventually that will spill over. People will want to get out in droves then land in the country will rise in value.

I just don’t see city living in its current over crowded state to be healthy or conducive to wholesome  and harmonious living.

With fast internet many people could live and work in the country.

Another disadvantage of living in a ghetto environment is that you are a sitting duck for terrorism.  Heavily populated places are where they will get the biggest bang for their buck.  It is also a breeding ground for domestic crime. I am not saying these things will not happen in the country but they are less likely.

I am  almost 70 years old and very happy to be a country resident.  Because I have good internet speed I can run an online business as well as all the other things I choose to be involved in.  If you have some spare time and would like a little extra income then take a look at WA the link below will take you there.

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2 Comments on City Vs Country Living

  1. City vs country living? That’s exactly the question I have often in my mind lately. At the moment we live in a small town close to Naples in a beautiful house with some garden around. The only problem is that my husband got a good job from central Naples and we should find a house more close to where he works

    But we just love to have some space and peace around us. I am trying to find a house that has even small garden where our son can play and my husband have his barbecue… But it seems like a mission impossible.

    I looked the image with all roofs close to each other and it looks unreal. Are the houses really build like that there ( in America right?) There can’t be much privacy… No walking naked on the backyard, I guess

    1. Maria thank you for taking a look. It is not in the US but in some Australian cities. This is the way all cities are going now to cope with ever increasing populations. I do not know how people cope with living in such an environment.. It is so good to have space and privacy. Many new housing estates do not allow you to have a clothesline outside because its considered aesthetically unappealing. You can sell a tiny block of land in the city and buy a whole farm for the same money in the country. Its crazy, especially now that people can work from we are. I think all those people who don’t have to live in the city should move further out, reducing congestion in the city and boosting the rural economy.

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