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Are you looking to live somewhere different, somewhere quiet and beautiful and away from the masses but only 20 minutes from town?

I don’t know how people who no longer need to live in a city continue to do so. I find every time I visit the city I come away annoyed and frustrated  because it takes so long to get to where I want to go. The traffic drives me nuts and the rage from people who are intolerant because I might slow down to read a street sign annoys me even more.

Living in the city means you have people living on all sides unless you are located near a park . You have little privacy and people are always aware of what you do and don’t do.  They can see how often you work in the garden, each time you go out and what you drive.  The neighbors are so close that it is imperative you get along with them or you will be in for a miserable time.

Be careful not to yell at the kids, or your husband: the neighbors will hear that and you will have a negative image in the street. There is little space around the homes for kids to play, having a clothes line to hang out the washing in fresh air is even difficult with many modern homes.  Fresh water from heaven is not possible in many homes or is restricted by water boards because they want to keep you dependent on them and paying water rates.

In the newer housing estates you can jump from roof top to roof top .  The people live so close that in many areas they might as well be miles apart as there is no sense of community.  Often neighbors don’t even know each other.  Kids are often forced to play in the street because there is nowhere else or even more sad is the kids hardly leave the house. They stay indoors connected to their computers and electronic games.

Many city folks have little or no interaction with animals. Even keeping a pet such as a cat or dog can be restricted in some areas.

City Footy: In the city people contend for a seat around the field.

Its not all bad, if you can put up with all of the above. You have access to some wonderful modern facilities such as state of the art sports centers and modern art galleries and huge shopping centers.  The medical facilities are close by too.  Negotiating traffic  can sometimes mean it will take you just as long to access these as it does in the country going a longer distance.

Country Footy:   In the country people park their cars around the oval to watch




Its a totally different ball game.  Footy  and sport generally engages players and spectators in a more intimate way in the rural setting.  The facilities may not be as flash in the country but the connection with the sports men and women is an integral part of rural life.


Why do you live where you live?

With over crowding in our cities it must be time for many people to question why they continue to live in that environment.

Reducing City Congestion

Would n’t some of the retired  folks do better to try a change to the country, where they can enjoy peace and quiet, fresh air and natural beauty. They can keep a dog and let it it roam free,  they can grow their own vegies  and all the time soaking up good fresh country air. Their washing can billow in the breeze and come in smelling fresh and clean.

They can collect rain water for their own use and enough to water the garden too. When the grand kids come they can enjoy plenty of open space to play and explore, maybe build a cubby or climb a tree or swim in the local creek.

The country may not have such fantastic sporting and cultural facilities provided for by the government but they do have wonderful facilities given by the most creative  artist of all..  The beach and the bush are  both wonderful places to enjoy the masters creativity.

I remember when my children were young , they would marvel at how incredible sculptures were formed in the sand as the wind played with it.They called it Gods art work and would respect it by not standing on it, they would walk around and admire as spheres of sand  would be worked together to form an amazing sculpture.  Walking along the beach will reveal many natural wonders. The sea itself is amazing, then there will be the shells and sand and plant life and the occasional penguin or sea lion.

A stroll along the beach.
Sculpture in sand








The bush offers a great deal too, it is home to many of Australia’s native animals. Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas wombats, echidnas and lace monitors can all be seen in their natural habitat.  The bird life is something else. In the morning the kookaburras laugh heartily greeting the new day, king parrots and rosellas can often be enjoyed along with many other bush birds who enjoy the food offered in the trees.

There is a real sense of community in the country.  Everyone chips in to make for a vibrant community life. The football club is often the center or pivotal point in the community.  The local identity is can be closely connected to the Footy Club.  The parents generally have to get in the car and take the kids to local sporting events but they do not have to contend with overcrowded roads. There are bus services which collect the school children and drop them home again at the end of the day so it really is only for the weekly shop and the weekend sport that you need to take the car out.

For us as seniors living in the country, a trip to the city is a leisurely bus trip which costs only $15  and that ticket covers travel in the city too. That is less than it costs to park your car in the city. There is no frustration with other drivers and you can catch up on some reading or enjoy a chat with the person sitting next to you.  The bus arrives in the city by 9:30 am and leaves to come home again at 6 PM .

City Folks, why not rent your house out in the city and come to the country for a year or two and try before you buy. You could rent a place in the country for less than half what you would receive for your city dwelling.

You would be doing yourself a favor but you would also be doing a favor for some of the young people looking for a place to live in suburbia.  While you rent for a year you can be looking around for the perfect place which gives you all that you need.

Have I convinced you yet to at least give it a try?

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2 Comments on A perfect place to build your dream home

  1. I have always wanted to live on a beach or someone near the ocean as I love the fresh air and warm climate.

    However I also think about all the hurricanes that come and start to second guess if I really do want to live there or not.

    If i had my ideal place it would be a warm climate kind of close to a beach that does not get a lot of bad weather.

    What is your ideal place to live?

    1. The place offered here is exactly that, hurricanes and other such tropical storms are unheard of here. We have 4 seasons, all different but all beautiful.. In Summer it gets up to 38 degrees and in Winter downt to 3 or 4 degrees on a cold day, but never below 0. Summer is for the beach, and Autumn for the bush, Winter for staying indoors by a fire and Spring is a great time to be in the garden. Its a beautiful place to be. 

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