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 This is a Stunning Rural Property for Sale.

It has amazing views over rural land to Waratah Bay and Wilsons Promontory.

The land is  actually zoned special use in a rural area. That means it can be developed for commercial use as a tourist facility, such as an accommodation venue or function center, or some other commercial purpose.

It is 14 acres in a very quiet cul de sac with uninterrupted views to the Bay . It is a site you will never tire of. Even in Winter  the view will continue to impress through all the different changes one might expect . Some days storm clouds will roll in and then there will be amazing rainbows.

Properties Like this Rarely Appear on the Market.

This is a chance to buy your piece of paradise. Why am I selling it you might ask?

I am 70 years old, my hubby is 73 and we are also running two beautiful farming properties. We feel we have to start reducing the amount of land we have.  One of the farms of 540 acres can also be bought  if you are looking for a larger holding.  This farm also enjoys stunning  views over Waratah Bay and Wilsons Promontory. It is high producing rural land that will comfortably run 300 cows plus young stock, with an average rainfall of around 1000 ml. drought is not a problem.

We have loved farming here and will continue on one farm until we are no longer able to work it.

It is a wonderful life and a great way to raise a family. Children learn so much through interaction with animals and the soil.  They gain a real understanding of life and its interdependence on the land. They develop a work ethic  that will be unmatched by their city counterparts and they really appreciate where their food comes from as they help produce it.

No More Land is Being Produced

The worlds population is ever increasing but the amount of land available to grow the food to feed them is ever decreasing as more and more rural land gets taken up by urban sprawl. Rural land provides space and clean air which is almost extinct in our cities. Sure there are some park areas but looming overhead in the air everyone breathes is a toxic mix of exhaust fumes and other chemicals. The drinking water has fluoride in it and the constant noise of traffic in some parts can make for disturbed sleep.

Crime is another big issue in city areas. It does happen in the country too but not nearly as frequently.

Live and Work in the Country.

Now with the age of the internet it is possible for people to live and work from anywhere.  If this is possible for you then why not choose a place with space, clean air and amazing views. You can still visit the smog ridden city on occasions. It is only a 2 hour drive from where these properties are located.

The social interaction in the country is also a great benefit. People get involved in local community events and support each other.  The more you contribute to local community the more you will enjoy being a part of it.  This is also good for the kids to be engaged in local community activities and sporting events.

Shopping centers are all within 30 minutes  and we can buy with ease and without having to battle for a parking space, to find everything we need on any given day.

I love living in the country and I know you will too.  If you would like to talk to us about either of these properties then please do not hesitate to make an enquiry, use the comment section to get in touch.

A stroll along the beach.


This is one of the beautiful local beaches.




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2 Comments on Rural Property for Sale

  1. Living in the country is not just a peaceful way to live, but its also a healthy way to live. Even though country life may not be for everyone (it certainly appeals to me) I think even the hardened city dweller loves the idea of a country escape. The local beaches look beautiful and really are the icing on the cake for any potential purchaser. This looks like an ideal property for anyone looking for a lifestyle change and I am sure you will leave with many happy memories.

    1. Thank you for your comment. This is indeed the most beautiful area to live . I would never choose to live anywhere else. This portion of our land is only being sold because it needs to be developed and we just want to slow down a little now.  There is no better place to live than in the country… I have trouble understanding how people continue to live in overcrowded and polluted cities in this technological age, with the internet many of us can work from anywhere.

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